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I know that the Internet, for all its wonders, can seem somewhat impersonal. But we at Reader's Digest will give you the best - the friendly and helpful Customer Service that we're famous for around the world. We're 'online all the time' to make it easy for you - whether you want to change your address, order our magazine or send for any of our great-value products.

First-class service is just a click away!

1. Change of Address
Click here to change your address. We need both your old and new address so please fill out the form provided.

Your Account Number can be found above your name and address on the label of your magazine or product and begins with either 000 or 080.

Please note that because magazine labels and promotional material are printed in advance, it can take 6 - 8 weeks for a change of address to be reflected.

2. Payments

Paying by Credit Card
Pay your account here and have your credit card and account details ready. Once payment has been made you will be automatically entered in to the appropriate sweepstakes prize draws so there is no need to return the invoice to us, just keep the invoice and receipt for your own records.

Paying at the Post Office
You can pay over the counter at any Post Office in New Zealand. Simply take your invoice / bill to the Post Office and make your payment there. Once payment has been made you will be automatically entered in to the appropriate sweepstakes prize draws so there is no need to return the invoice to us, just keep the invoice and receipt for your own records.

Paying by Mail
Alternatively you can complete the credit card details on the invoice.
If you wish to pay your account by cheque or money order, please write your account number on the back of the cheque/money order and make payable to Reader's Digest.

When sending your payment by mail, please send to:

Reader's Digest
PO Box 90 487
Mail Service Centre

3. General Billing

Crossed in Mail, Undelivered Orders and Payment Difficulty
Please allow time for payment and other transactions to be mailed and processed. It is possible the shipment of an order will appear on your statement before you have received the product. Please allow adequate time for delivery and check with the post office after that period of time.

If you have still not received the product after that time or have experienced any difficulty in paying your account please contact our Customer Service Department using the form below, please give concise details of the situation and our friendly staff will assist you in any way possible.

How can I get help with a specific question about a bill that I recently received?

Click here if you would like to submit your question by e-mail .

I returned a product. Why am I still billed for it?

The product you returned and the bill we sent recently may have crossed in the mail. Also, returns can take up to four weeks to process. If the return is not reflected on your next bill, please contact our Customer Services Department by e-mail, contact our Customer Service Department by completing our Other Inquiries form - Click here.

4. Delivery Information

I just ordered Reader's Digest magazine. When will I receive my first copy?

It takes one month after an order has been placed for service to begin. If more than one month has passed, please fill out the form below.

When will I receive the book, video or music product I ordered?

You should receive your product in two to four weeks from the date you ordered. If four weeks have passed since the order date, please fill out the form below.

I belong to one of your book, music or video series (for example, Select Editions, World's Most Beautiful Melodies). How many times per year will I receive new products in the series?

Reader's Digest series consist of books and music products that are sent to subscribing customers on an on-going basis. The series are usually linked to a theme. For example, Select Editions contain popular fiction.

Shipping frequency can vary, but typically customers receive 5 to 6 shipments per year. Therefore, you may expect a new product approximately every second month.

5. Missing/Damaged Products
Click here if you have not received your issue or product or if the issue or product you received is damaged. You can request a replacement by filling out the form available through this link.

We welcome any questions and comments about Readers Digest, our products and services. We look forward to hearing from you.

6. Other Inquiries
Click here if you have any other questions, comments or wish to contact us in regards to any other concerns. Please fill out the form provided, including a detailed description of the problem or request, and our friendly staff will answer you as soon as possible. If you have an existing account number please remember to include it with your inquiry.

7. Contact Us

By email:

By Fax:
At the following phone number:
0800 400 061

By Telephone:
To our Customer Service department at 0800 400 060.

To our mailing address:
Reader's Digest
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Readers Digest
PO Box 90 487
Mail Service Centre

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